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  • "One-Man Operation: PXW-FS7 High Mobility Professional Camera

    Sony’s newest addition to its large sensor line is a complete camera system that delivers long-form recording capabilities with 4K resolution in a compact, hand-held design.
    The new PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 camcorder combines the flexibility of native E-mount technology, the recording efficiency of the XAVC-L [...]

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  • SONY UWP-DSeries: Wireless Microphone System

    Digital Audio Processing for high quality sound for ENG/EFP productions
    With compact professional camcorders more widely used for electronic newsgathering and field production applications, Sony’s new UWP-D wireless microphone series delivers the right combination of form and function for pro shooters.
    “Production professionals are increasingly using handheld [...]

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  • Sennheiser Microphone Technology Set to Feature in Brazil

    Wedemark, Germany, 10 June 2014 - When national football teams from all over the world line up to compete for victory in Brazil, several hundred million TV viewers will be watching live and many will be more than happy to stay up all night in [...]

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