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  1. Archer 2

    Archer 2

    Product Features:

    - Archer 2 Sled Assembly
    - Non-motorized Stage w/Tilt
    - "Sure Grip" Gimbal Handle
    - Carbon Fiber telescoping post
    - Side-Mounting Drop-in Professional Stage
    - Battery Mounts Available: Anton Bauer or IDX V-Lok
    - G-50 Iso-Elastic Stablizer Arm
    -29" Boom Range
    -12-50 pounds lifting range
    - No-Tools Lift Adjustment
    - Extended Dovetail plate
    - 11-17 V, 16:9, 7" Color LCD Monitor w/frameline-700 Nits
    - Optional: HD UltraBRITE / HD/SDI Monitor with Frame points / OLED Monitor (availability TBD)
    - Standard LX Vest
    - Basic Accessory Package consisting of: Mounting Screws, 3' Video Cable, 12V Power Cable, Docking Bracket, EFP Instructional Video, Steadicam Operator's Handbook

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  2. Clipper


    Product Features:

    - Camera mounting chassis (sled)
    - Low friction gimbal
    - Carbon fiber 3-section post
    - Owner's manual
    - Battery mounts available:
    - Dual IDX V-mount (324)
    - Dual Anton Bauer (312 only)
    - 35 lb net camera capacity
    - Long Dovetail Plate
    - No-tools arm post clamp
    - Color LCD monitor, 700 nits - 16:9
    - Dynamic spin and docking bracket
    - Wheeled sled hard case
    - Soft case for the arm and vest
    - Lightweight LX vest
    - T-handle Allen wrench
    - Mounting screws 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 arm

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  3. Merlin Arm & Vest

    Merlin Arm & Vest

    Product Features:

    - Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.18kg)
    - Size Range: Fits the widest variety of human shapes and sizes of any Steadicam vest
    - Fasteners: Thin, all-hook and loop fasteners permit unobtrusive use and ultra-compact disassembly and transport. With the newly added quick release buckle system and added back support pad, the vest is now even more adjustable and comfortable. This also allows the user to quickly get in and out of the vest quickly and quietly.

    - Total Payload: Knob-adjustable from 4 to 15 lbs (1.8 to 6.8 kg).
    - Arm Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)
    - Lifting Range: 28 vertical inches (71 cm)
    - Mounting: Two axis adjustment of arm-to-body angle, with quick-release right-hand/left-hand changeover- Compactable for travel

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  4. Phantom V

    Phantom V

    Product Features:

    - New generation two post sled design for greatest flexibility with minimum cost; extends from 25" - 38"
    - Newly engineered low-friction Gimbal with "Blue Whale" tool for precision adjustment
    - No Tools Tilt Head
    - Low profile Stage Nosebox
    - Standard 7" SD LCD Color 700nit monitor
    - Built-in Frameline Generator
    - Return Monitor Mount bracket for Live TV or Multi Camera TV World
    - Lightweight Ultra 2 Vest with new Over-Locking ratchet straps
    - Power/Video cable for monitor
    - G-70 Iso-Elastic arm with No-Tools Ride and Lift adjustability
    - Lifting range from 12 - 70 lbs ( 5.4 kg - 31.7 kg )
    - No-Tools arm post clamp with new post friction adjustment
    - Jerry Hill docking bracket with extending Dynamic Balance post
    - Docking Collar For Phantom
    - Long Dovetail Plate
    - Tally IN/OUT cable
    - 12V Power Cable
    - 24V Power Cable ( open ended )
    - 3’ BNC video cable
    - Steadicam Logo Hard Case with wheels for Sled
    - Steadicam EFP Training Video (Included in USB Drive)
    - Steadicam Operator's Handbook
    - USB Owner’s Manual for system and monitor

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  5. Pilot


    Product Features:

    - Frictionless, Silky-Smooth Iso-Elastic Performance
    - Huge 28" Lifting Range
    - One-Touch Lift-Adjustment for each section
    - Lightweight Design
    - 3.5" LCD Color Monitor
    - CarbonLite Expandable Center Post
    - New Arm / Vest Interface System
    - X-Y Vernier Adjustment of Stage Plate
    - Operates in Standard and Low modes

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  6. Pilot HD

    Pilot HD

    Product Features:

    - Lightweight/Affordable
    - New 7" HD/SDI Composite monitor or New 7" HDMI Composite monitor
    - True three axis gimbal
    - Micro adjustable X-Y stage
    - Lightweight Iso-Elastic™ arm with 28" (71cm) boom
    - Ultra low profile lightweight vest
    - Power and video through sled
    - Anton Bauer® ElipZ 7.2V battery system standard on Pilot HDMI version

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  7. Scout


    Product Features:

    - Standard composite BNC video input connector and RCA output connector
    - Standard 3-pin LEMO power in/out connectors on the base and stage
    - Standard 7" LCD and choice of Anton Bauer or V-lock battery mounts

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  8. Scout HD

    Scout HD

    Product Features:

    - Standard BNC video input and output connector
    - Standard 3-pin LEMO® power in/out connector on the stage
    - Choice of Anton Bauer® or V-lock battery mounts
    - 5-18 lbs. (2.3 - 8kgs) camera payload capacity
    - No-tools adjustable Iso-Elastic™ arm
    - Dual-axis vernier adjustable stage
    - Unparalleled inertial control and dynamically adjustable base

    Sled Base:
    - Rigid aluminum monitor/battery rod easily adjusts for quick set-ups and is easily removable for compact storage or transport
    - Single knob rod release for quick set-ups
    - Independently adjustable battery and monitor mounts for dynamic balance adjustability
    - Tilting and rotationally indexed monitor mount
    - Inertial control and adjustability via standard Steadicam® Merlin® stabilizer system type balance weights
    - Balance control via standard ¼-20 mounting hole at the base of the sled and additional balance weights
    - Anton Bauer® or V-lock battery compatible
    - Telescopic, indexed carbon fiber main post with internal safety line
    - Standard 7" composite LCD
    - Optional 7" composite, HD/SDI LCD
    - No-tools post clamp

    - Knurled gimbal grip with ergonomic handle

    - Rigid low profile aluminum frame XY vernier stage
    - Drop-in standard dovetail plate design with fore-aft safety stops

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  9. Shadow


    Product Features:

    - The Shadow is designed to be user-friendly, field-serviceable, tool-free, straightforward, and versatile
    - The Shadow base system starts with a 29 to 49 inch telescoping carbon fiber post coupled to the Ultra2 stage – with our patented +/– 20º tilt head – and terminating in a new solid base.
    - The monitor and the battery pack are adjustable in, out, and vertically over a wide range, giving the operators great choices for viewing, balance, and inertial control.
    - The Swept-Back Monitor Mount is designed for maximum stiffness, inertial control, and viewing options
    - The tool-free, super smooth G–70X Arm lifts from 12 to 70 pounds, yet is lightweight.

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  10. Tango


    Product Features:

    - Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled)
    - Telescoping Centerpost
    - Active Matrix 16:9 / 4:3 Color LCD monitor
    - with anti-reflection coating
    - 5lb. to 24lb. Camera Capacity Iso-Elastic Arm
    - Lightweight Zephyr Vest ( Compact Vest optional )
    - Battery Mount ( IDX V- mount, Anton Bauer )
    - Docking Bracket
    - 12V Power Cable
    - 3 ft. light weight BNC video cable
    - Dovetail Plate
    - No-Tools Vernier Stage
    - HD Ready
    - Tango Compatible
    - Hard Case with Handle and Wheels
    - BNC to RCA Adaptor
    - RCA to BNC Adaptor
    - EFP Instructional DVD
    - Owner's Manual

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  11. Ultra 2

    Ultra 2

    Product Features:

    - New G-70 "Geo" Arm with Adjustable Lift & Ride
    - New Lightweight Ultra2 Support Vest with Steel Socket Block
    - HDSDI UltraBRITE2™ Color HD Monitor
    - New Open Ultra-Rigid Stage
    - Programmable "Go-To" Trim Motors
    - Auto-Centering Stage Trim
    - Ultra High-Precision Gimbal
    - Positive Locking New Low-Profile Post Clamps
    - Ultra-Rigid Swept Back Monitor Bracket
    - 10:1 Inertial Adjustment Range
    - New Steadicam PowerCube™ Battery System
    - All New Electronics with Backplane and Removeable Circuit Boards
    - Software Upgradeable
    - Field Serviceable

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  12. Ultra 2 C

    Ultra 2 C

    Product Features:

    - Camera Mounting Sled comprised of:
    - 4- section Carbon Fiber Composite Telescoping Post with range from 28 " to 71" ( 71cm to 180 cm )
    - Newly engineered low-friction Gimbal with "Blue Whale" tool for precision adjustment
    - No Tools Tilt Head
    - NTSC/PAL SD 7" LCD Color Monitor 700 NIT
    - Frameline Generator - SLED
    - On-Screen Battery Display
    - Power/Video cable for monitor
    - Lightweight Ultra 2 Vest with new Over-Locking ratchet straps
    - G-70 Iso-Elastic arm with No-Tools Ride and Lift adjustability. Lifting range from 12 - 70 lbs ( 5.4 kg - 31.7 kg )
    - No-Tools arm post clamp with new post friction adjustment
    - Battery Mount - V-Mount or Anton Bauer
    - Docking bracket with extending Dynamic Balance post
    - Long Dovetail Plate
    - 1/4 " T-handled Allen Wrench
    - 12V Power Cable
    - 3’ lightweight BNC video cable
    - Hard Case for Sled
    - Owner’s Manual for system and monitor
    - Steadicam Operator's Handbook
    - Spares Kit: battery for motorized stage, 1/4- 20 and 3/8-16 camera screws, monitor fuse, screwdriver, ratchet buckles with hardware and Steadicam Hat

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  13. Zephyr


    Product Features:

    - 9 to 23lbs.(4 to 10.4kg) net camera weight
    - Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm
    - Telescopic carbon fiber post
    - Connector rich base and stage
    - Dual axis vernier adjustable stage
    - Unparalleled Inertial control and dynamically adjustable base

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