PAG launches new PAGlink Gold Mount charger

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PAG, the innovator of high-quality portable power products introduces its new PAGlink PL16 Gold Mount Charger.

A year ago, PAG introduced the first intelligent Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries that can be linked, in any state of charge, to provide greater capacities or a 12A current-draw; and the first that can be linked for more efficient charging.

PAG’s new, ultra-compact, 2-position PL16 Gold Mount charger will charge simultaneously up to 16 PAGlink batteries, 8 on each position. This is ideal for rental facilities and broadcast organisations as it reduces the number of chargers required to manage a large battery inventory.

The small footprint and lightweight design make the PL16 ideal for location use. After a days shooting, just stack your batteries on the PL16 and leave them to charge overnight. Linked charging means no more midnight battery swapping: 8 batteries will be fully-charged in less than 12 hours. The batteries display their individual charge status on their built-in display so that you can easily see when they are ready.

The PL16 uses the available current efficiently to fully-charge each battery in the fastest possible way, ensuring peak performance and a longer cycle life.
Other useful features include a manually selectable Recovery Charge program for deeply discharged batteries.

The PL16 also incorporates a 100W camera power supply, compatible with worldwide AC supplies, and featuring an XLR4 output.

A PAGlink PL16 V-Mount Charger, suitable for charging simultaneously 16 PAGlink V-Mount batteries is also available.

About PAG
PAG is the British-based designer and manufacturer of the most technologically advanced mobile camera power systems for broadcast acquisition, video production and digital cinematography. The company is best known for providing batteries, chargers, battery mounts, power adaptors and on-board camera lighting for an international customer base that includes broadcasters, video production and equipment hire companies, freelancers, cinematographers, videographers, the military and civil authorities.

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