• A Live Production Breakthrough: Sony 50p/60p Digital Triax Camera System

    SONY unveils ground-breaking 50p/60p Digital Triax Camera System, a live production solution that enables sport broadcasters and rental houses to significantly increase their operational efficiency and produce incredible content through existing triax infrastructure. One of the highlighted feature is the system offers broadcast quality transmission at both 1080 50p/60p and 1080 100i/120i frame rates, allowing [...]

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  • Tripod System: Libec LX5 & LX5 M

    New brand in the house - Libec, one of the well-known global brand that offer effective camera support equipments which respond to technological advances and the changing image industry. Tegas Broadcast & Multimedia, as one of the leading S.I. company expanded its brand profile, by bring-in Libec tripod systems - Libec LX5 and Libec LX5 [...]

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  • SONY announced PMW-400 to its XDCAM HD422 Line

    11th, April 2013 - Sony has officially announced its new PMW-400 shoulder-mount camcorder for its XDCAM range. Specially designed with a host of features that make it great fit for live production and ENG, the new PMW-400 incorporates a 2/3-inch Exmor Full HD 3CMOS sensor that able to capture beautiful images with high sensitivity and [...]

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  • The Evolution of Live Production: Sony Anycast Touch AWS-750

    19 April 2013 - In conjunction with NAB 2013, SONY has officially announced Anycast Touch AWS-750, an ultra-portable and easy to use all-in-one live production solution. Since the last introduction of Sony's popular Anycast AWS-G500 back in 2005, the new AWS-750 create a new path of live production which enhancing the core values of portability [...]

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  • Sennheiser New Legendary: Digital 9000

    Following a 10 years development effort Sennheiser has officially launched Digital 9000, a digital wireless system operating in the UHF band sets a new benchmark in digital wireless transmission. The system can transmit completely uncompressed audio, artifact-free and with superb dynamics, which been described as “The Wireless Masterpiece".
    The Digital 9000 system principally comprises the EM9046 [...]

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  • Sennheiser supports the 27th edition of the Malaysia’s Anugerah Juara Lagu music competition with flagship Digital 9000 Series

    Malaysia – On 6 January 2013, Sennheiser Asia, together with local distributor, Tegas Broadcast & Multimedia Sdn Bhd, supported the 27th edition of Malaysia’s annual music competition, Anugerah Juara Lagu (also known as the Champion of Songs Awards) with the new flagship Digital 9000 series wireless microphone system at the Putra Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala [...]

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  • New members in the house: The F55 and F5 CineAlta 4K Camera

    Sony has announced two newest large-sensor cameras, the F55 and F5 works complement each others and are able to deliver powerful, new capabilities to professionals working at every level of production. These camera are equipped (with different) 4K super 35mm CMOS sensors which is able to capture 14-stops of exposure latitude with high resolution and [...]

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  • Sony camcorder PMW-200

    Introducing Sony’s latest camcorder model, PMW-200 camcorder equipped with three 1/2 inch Full HD Exmor CMOS sensor (1920x1280). Improved lens technology to provide high resolution (1000TVI) with high sensitivity (F11@2000lx) on 89.9% reflectance. One highlighted features is that it supports the 50 Mbps MPEG HD422 codec and MXF recording which makes it a good companion [...]

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  • Experience the new Sennheiser MKE 600

    Sennheiser has just announced the new MKE 600, a shotgun microphone that clearly captures sound sources from short distances. The new MKE 600 is the most affordable XLR-based shotgun microphone that Sennheiser has ever offered, but its lower price doesn’t detract from its abilities as an adequate production tool. The MKE 600 is remarkably short [...]

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  • Sony PMW-100 camcorder

    Sony’s new offering, the PMW-100 joins the popular XDCAM HD422 line-up of camcorders – making it the smallest and the lightest camcorder in the XDCAM family. Advancement in digital imaging technology has enabled professional journalists and videographers to cover stories by using portable devices, such as mobile phones, DSLRs and consumer camcorders. However, when compared [...]

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