Libec P1000

Key Features
  • Pneumatic Assist 2-Stage Center Column
  • 31.9″ Center Column Height Adjustment
  • 132-Pound Load Capacity
  • 150mm Flat Base with 4 x Tie-Down Holes
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The Libec P1000 150mm Flat Base Pedestal System is a 2-stage pneumatic column pedestal system that supports up to 132 pounds (including fluid head) and features 31.9″ of height adjustment, a steering ring, 150mm flat base for mounting either a Libec QH1 or QH3 fluid head, and a rolling dolly with removable cable guards.

The P1000 is equipped with a tracking locking mechanism that ensures straight-line movement by locking the caster direction as you move from position to position.The cable guards ride low over the wheels to prevent you from accidently rolling over cables when shifting positions on the studio floor. The cable guards can be raised up when needed to allow the dolly to roll over uneven surfaces. An included manual air pump allows you to charge the center column for proper operation, while an optional kick ring helps provide you a place to use your feet to help start smooth rolling movement of the pedestal.

  • The P1000 Pedestal can support 132 pounds of equipment, including video head, camera, and accessories
  • Adjust the air pressure in the upper column to match the weight of the attached equipment; Libec refers to this as balancing the upper column, and it allows for easy height adjustment
  • The pedestal features a Schrader valve (American valve) and can be pressurized using the included manual air pump or by external devices such as a compressor
  • Generally, with 0.25MPa (2.5 bar / 36.3 psi) of air pressure, the pedestal can balance 22 pounds of weight
  • The included adjustment weights allow you to fine-tune the balance on the upper column
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