Libec QD-10M

Key Features
  • QH1 4-Bolt Flat Base Fluid Head
  • T150B 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod
  • 88 lb Payload, 38.5 to 73″ Height Range
  • Mid-Level Spreader, Large Foot Pads
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The Libec QD-10M Tripod System features the pedestal-capable QH1 4-bolt flat base fluid head and the T150B 2-stage aluminum tripod. The system is complete with a telescoping mid-level spreader and large rubber foot pads. The QH1 head attaches to the tripod via an included 150mm half-ball adapter and supports up to 88 lb. It has a side-mount camera plate system and comes with two telescoping pan bars. For attaching accessories, the T150B tripod offers a total of six 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads around the bowl base.

Libec QH1 Fluid Head

The Libec QH1 Fluid Head is a pedestal-capable heavy-duty head supporting up to 88 lb. It features a 4-bolt flat base and comes with a 150mm half ball adapter that secures via four included screws. The QH1 has a side-mount camera plate system and includes a sliding plate with dual 3/8″-16 threaded mounting screws. The head also comes with two 2-piece telescoping pan bars that allow for easier integration of optional zoom controllers. Other features include continuous counterbalance, 7-step drag, independent pan and tilt locks, and an illuminated bubble level.

More Features
  • Pedestal-capable heavy-duty fluid head with 88 lb payload
  • Flat base with four screw holes for securing an included 150mm half ball adapter or mounting on a pedestal
  • Side-mount camera plate system
  • 3″ sliding camera plate with dual 3/8″-16 threaded mounting screws
  • Two 2-piece telescoping pan bars
  • Continuous counterbalance
  • 7-step drag
  • Independent pan and tilt locks
  • 90 to -70° tilt
  • Illuminated bubble level
  • Aluminum construction
  • Made in Japan
Libec T150B Heavy-Duty 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod Legs with 150mm Bowl

The Libec T150B is a heavy-duty set of aluminum tripod legs with a 150mm bowl. It supports up to 220.5 lb and offers a height range of 23 to 64″ in two legs stages. Each leg has a twist leg lock knob at each stage. The legs feature spiked feet and come with a plastic cover over them. If you incorporate an optional ground spreader, the legs can be installed into the spreader with these plastic covers on. Compatible spreaders include the SP-15B ground spreader and BR-6B mid-level spreader. Optional rubber food pads are also supported, such as the FP-6B pads.

Multiple 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 accessory mount threads are provided on two sides of the tripod, on top near the bowl base. A weight hook is also provided on one of the legs. The T150B is made in Japan. Compatible tripod heads include the Libec QH1 and QH3.

More Features
  • 150mm bowl
  • 220.5 lb payload
  • 23 to 64″ height range in two leg stages
  • Ergonomic twist leg lock knob at each stage of each leg
  • Spiked feet
  • One 1/4″-20 and two 3/8″-16 accessory mount threads on two sides of the tripod, for a total of six mounting points
  • Weight hook
  • Optional foot pads and mid and ground spreaders supported
  • Made in Japan
Libec BR-6B Mid-Level Spreader

Quickly set up your tripod as well as add stability with the BR-6B Mid-Level Spreader from Libec. Compatible with the RT40RB, RT50B, RT50C, T102B, and T103B tripods, this telescopic model can extend from 7″ to 10.3″ to accommodate a wide range of leg angles.

Libec Large Rubber Foot Pads for Select Tripods

The replacement Large Rubber Foot Pads for Select Tripods from Libec are compatible with their T102B, T103B, T150B, and T150C tripods. The rubber pads attach to the bottom of each leg and prevent the tripod from sliding on smooth surfaces.

Libec: T102B, T103B, T150B, & T150C Tripods
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