Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro

Key Features
  • 120W Peak Output, 55W Continuous
  • 3 Slots for Wireless Receivers
  • Battery Powered for Cable-Free Operation
  • Bluetooth Streaming Audio
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The LSP 500 Pro Self-Powered Wireless PA System from Sennheiser is a rechargeable battery powered wireless PA system capable of up to 120-watts of peak output and 55-watts of continuous output. It is scalable to up to 20 units and designed to be controlled by the LSP 500 iPad app via its integrated WLAN connection and an optional wireless router. The unit has 3 rear-panel slots that allow you to integrate up to 3 wireless receivers into the speaker. In addition to the wireless slots, the LSP 500 is Bluetooth enabled and can playback audio from any Bluetooth compatible device. The rear-panel USB 2.0 port provides another input for your digital audio, allowing playback from tracks stored on a flash drive. You can also record the audio routed through the LSP 500 system to a flash drive via USB. The unit also features XLR in and output links for integrating a subwoofer into the system, or connecting multiple units if you do not have access to a wireless router.

Designed for Fast Setups

LSP 500 PRO has no cords for a quick setup. Sound presets and EQ help aide in quick audio set-up, input mixing and output recording.

iPad Control

Once the LSP 500 PRO is in service, you control the complete system with the swipe of a finger. Input sources, sound mixing, playlist management and live recording are all done via iPad. You can freely move around the venue at any time while keeping the performance under control


LSP 500 PRO is completely scalable even to sizable audiences and large events, whether your job needs 2 or 20 speakers

Hot-Swappable Battery Power

The LSP 500 PRO is dual battery powered. In case battery power runs low, you will be alarmed via iPad. Battery replacement is convenient and done by hot-swapping, even during live operation

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