Sound Devices 552 Digital Recorder

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552 Digital Recorder

Product Features

- Five high-performance microphone inputs with two-stage gain control, limiter, variable high-pass, and solo monitoring
- Pre- or post-fader direct outputs per input
- Multiple, balanced output connections, including XLR, Hirose 10-pin, and TA3
- AES/EBU output option, on either XLR or 10-pin multi-pin, two connections for four channels of digital output, sampling rates up to 96 kHz
- Integrated digital recorder with simple control records to SD or SDHC media
- Records two tracks of uncompressed Broadcast WAV up to 96 kHz sampling, or compressed MP3 files
- Accepts time code input to time-stamp recorded audio files
- Flexible metering modes, including zoom metering for high precision near 0 dBfs
- Voice-confirmation appear in headphones for critical operational information and when navigating Setup Menu
- Lightweight design uses metalized, molded carbon fiber top and bottom panels for durability and strength
- Front panel is gasketed for protection from weather
- Powered by four-AA batteries or external 10-18 VDC

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