Comica CVM-WM100PLUS

Key Features
  • For Mobile Journalism, Video & Vlogs
  • 2 x Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones
  • 2 x Bodypack Transmitters
  • 2-Channel Camera-Mount Receiver
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Additional Features
  • Operating range up to 328′ line-of-sight or up to 196′ with obstruction
  • 48 channels allow up to five simultaneous systems (additional systems available separately)
  • Utilizes the UHF FM band in two groups—Group A for 568.125 to 579.875 MHz and Group B for 580.125 to 591.875 MHz
  • 16 levels of gain adjustment
  • Integrated low-cut filter to reduce rumble and low-frequency buildup
  • Automatically match channels via IR or set them manually
  • Switchable stereo/mono audio output on receiver
  • Seletable high/low RF signal strength
  • Transmitter power buttons double as mute switches (long press for power, short press for mute)
  • Compatible with recording to mobile devices using a 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRRS cable (available separately)

Designed for mobile journalists, videographers, and vloggers, the Comica Audio CVM-WM100 PLUS two-person, camera-mount wireless lavalier microphone system is a complete solution for recording dialogue, interviews, and speech to your video rig. Record mic- or line-level sources from up to 328′ away, and run audio to your camera, DSLR, or camcorder while monitoring through headphones in real time.

With two omnidirectional lavalier microphones, two bodypack transmitters, a two-channel receiver, and a host of accessories, the CVM-WM100 PLUS has everything you need for seamless audio integration into your video production setup. Its 48 channels allow interference-free signal quality and easy expansion into multi-system configurations. Whether you power the CVM-WM100 PLUS with AA batteries or USB battery packs, you’re assured plenty of operating time for shoots that span across the day.

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