Hedbox PB-D200A Gold-Mount

Key Features
  • 195Wh Lithium-Ion Gold Mount Battery
  • Supports up to 13A Draw
  • D-Tap and USB Ports
  • 4-LED Power Meter
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The PB-D200A Pro Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Pack from Hedbox consists of 13200mAh Samsung 18650 battery cells and reaches up to 195Wh, 13A capacity. The battery can run for approximately five hours for 30W ENG camcorders and 1.5 hours for ARRI Alexa camcorders. The PB-D200A features a USB and a D-Tap output with dust covers for providing power to external devices such as on-cameras LED lights, monitors, wireless transmitters, and digital recorders. A 4-LED power meter displays the remaining battery percentage at 100, 75, 50, and 25%.

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