L-Acoustics K1

Key Features
  • Long throw large format line source
  • Exceptional SPL, LF and throw capability for stadium and outdoor festivals
  • K transducer configuration for smooth horizontal radiation pattern
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K1 is the benchmark for sound at global stadium tours and the world’s most renowned outdoor festivals. K1 has no equal in SPL per meter and, coupled with the K1-SB, offers an unprecedented level of directivity control, making it the leader for solving noise pollution and throw issues in outdoor settings. With proprietary, state-of-the-art rigging, the K1 is the go-to choice for precise deployment and lightning fast load-in and load-out.

Top productions demand K1 and can rely on the L-Acoustics Rental Network to deliver the pristine and impactful sound signature of K1 to their audiences the world over.

Additional Features
  • State of the art rigging system for laser-like accuracy and quick set-up
  • Dedicated LA-RAK touring system package
  • New preset library for “out of the box” results and easy tuning
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