Libec QD10PD

Key Features
  • Flat base with high compatibility
  • Detachable steering handle
  • Easy-read air pressure gauge
  • Upper column with perfect balance feature
  • Drag knob for upper column
  • Mid column with gas spring assist
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Additional Features
  • Optional Kick Ring KR-15
  • High performance casters with track lock mechanism
  • QH1 Fluid Head with 40kg payload
  • 2x Extendable Pan Handles
  • Centre tilt lock
  • Smooth counterbalance system
  • Flat base & 150mm ball
  • Snap on/off plate system
  • 7 Step Drag Mode
  • Illuminated Bubble Level

Libec QD-10PD (QD10PD) Pedestal System – Includes QH1 Fluid Head and P1000 Pedestal. Libec P1000 150mm flat base pedestal system for outside broadcast and studio use with QH1 Fluid Head.

Upper Column with Perfect Balance Feature, Mid Column with Gas Spring Assist

The gas spring inside the P1000 pedestal supports the mid column’s elevation, allowing safe and easy height adjustments and setups with heavy equipment.

Removable Structure for Easy Transportation

The P1000 can be easily disassembled into the P1000 Column, the steering handle, and the dolly. This makes the P1000 easy to transport within studios and outside broadcast sites.

High Performance Casters with Track Lock Mechanism

The high performance 125mm large casters are equipped with removable cable guards. The casters has a track lock mechanism which allows users to set and move the dolly in three different modes: Free Mode, Tracking Mode, and Steer Mode. The caster’s locking sound is minimal.

Easy-Read Air Pressure Meter
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