Libec RSP-750PD(B)

Key Features
  • Designed For Broadcasting
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Maximum Load Capacity of 37.5 lb
  • Supports Double Bearing System
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The Libec RSP-750PD(B) Pedestal System, designed for broadcasting, consists of the RHP75 Fluid Head, the PH-8B Pan Head, and a P110(B) pneumatic pedestal with DL-8B Broadcast Dolly for outside use. Easy to setup and compact in size, this pedestal system has a maximum load capacity of 37.5 lb. It accomodates many studio cameras.

This pedestal system is supplied with an air pump for weight adjustments. It even supports a double bearing system to prevent wobbling and ensure smooth movements.

Libec RHP75 Fluid Head with PH-8B Extendable Pan Handles

The Libec RHP75 Fluid Head with PH-8B Extendable Pan Handles features the fully adjustable Continuous Counterbalance technology. It offers optimal counterbalance, as well as Balance Stabilizer Mechanism that prevents the slightest wobble on your image, while providing a smooth balancing system.

The Fluid Head features a 7-step pan and tilt torque switch that covers a wide torque range. The one-touch attachment and release ensures that the camera plate can be attached and detached with just a touch, enabling fast and easy setup. The Fluid Head comes with the PH-8B Pan Handle with rubber grip that can stop the camera precisely at any tilt angle.

The Fluid Head is capable of operating at temperature of -40°F. The Fluid Head features a 100mm diameter ball head. It is designed for use with ENG (Electronic News Gathering) cameras that can capture fast moving objects.

It is capable of handling a payload of 37.5 lb.

  • Fully adjustable Continuous Counterbalance technology
  • Balance Stabilizer Mechanism prevents wobble on your images
  • Smooth balancing system
  • 7-step pan and tilt torque switch
  • One-touch camera plate attachment and release
  • Operates at as low as -40°F
  • Features an extendable pan handle with a rubber grip
  • 100mm diameter ball head
  • Great for ENG cameras that can capture fast moving objects
Libec PH-8B Extendable Pan Bar Handle for RHP75, RHP85, and LX10 Video Heads

This Libec Pan Bar Handle is compatible with the Libec RHP75, RHP85, and LX10 video heads. It connects and locks into either side of those heads with a clamp and bolt for right or left-handed use. A rubberized handle provides a comfortable means to move its telescoping aluminum-alloy shaft, which is effectively adjustable from 16 to 22″.

This angled pan bar handle can rotate within its clamp, allowing a downward-pointing orientation for right or left-handed use. It is packaged for immediate installation with a downward-pointing orientation for right-handed use. For a pan bar handle that installs on a Libec RHP75, RHP85, or LX10 video head and is packaged for immediate installation with a downward-pointing orientation for left-handed use, the Libec PH-8BL Extendable Pan Bar Handle can be used instead.

Libec DL-8B Heavy Duty Dolly for T102B and T102B Tripods (Black)

The DL-8B Heavy Duty Dolly from Libec is designed for use with the T102B and T102B Tripods. It is equipped with casters and  brake locking system.

Libec P110(B) Pneumatic Pedestal (100mm Bowl)

Libec’s P110(B) Pneumatic Pedestal touts a unique design that uses compressed air through the middle column to provide maximum stability, while maintaining perfect motion throughout shots. The pedestal features a 2-stage pneumatic design and offers smooth camera elevation for cameras up to 66 lbs (30 kg). The P110(B) comes fitted with the DL-8 dolly, which uses large 4.9″ wheels for achieving smooth movements while on location.

High Payload Pneumatic Column

The pedestal is equipped with a lower locking mechanical column providing secure camera positioning, while the upper pneumatic column offers smooth adjustable camera elevation. With a maximum capacity of 66 lbs, the P110(B) pedestal is perfect for medium-weight camera systems.

Variable Air Pressurized Design

Air pressure can be added or eliminated from the pneumatic column without taking off any camera equipment, making the system fully adjustable without wasting time.

Air Pressure Safety Valve

Rest assured you will not ever over-pressurize the column with the air pressure safety valve.

Large 125mm Wheels

Large-sized 125mm / 4.9″ casters provide quick, smooth movement on surfaces outside the studio.

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