Robe CYCBAR 15

Key Features
  • Light Source – 15x 10W RGBW LED multichips
  • Light Output – 4.870 lx @ 5 m / 3.580 lm
  • Zoom Range 7.5° + optional diffusers
  • Effects – Pixel control, colour rainbow effect, pre-programmed colours and whites
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CycBar 15 is a lightweight static 1.000 mm linear strip which uses 15 equally spaced, super bright RGBW multichip LEDs for enhanced 18-bit smooth colour mixing and linear dimming without RGB ’breakup’ or grey shadows.

A fixed but redefinable beam angle offers optional diffusers, now with a new system of split filters allowing three different beam angles per entire CycBar and generating asymmetrical light output for use as a high-quality cyc light. Optional barn door can trim the beam if required.

The advanced pixel control based driver software provides special features including a virtual colour wheel with pre-programmed colours and a set of true whites with CTO Tungsten lamp emulation and more.

The practical and highly readable small display provides a menu with personality settings plus DMX and RDM protocols.

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