Robe CYCFX 8

Key Features
  • Light Source – 8×15 RGBW LED multichips
  • Light Output – 2.295 lux @ 5 m /2.420 lm
  • Zoom Range – 8° – 67°
  • Effects – sun strip effects, pixel control, pre-programmed colours and whites
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All the amazing features and performance of the award winning Robe LEDWash luminaires in a 1000 mm moving linear strip.

An array of individually controlled 15W RGBW LED modules equally spaced along the strip with fully adjustable zoom from 8-67 degrees. The strip itself has a very fast 270 degree tilt movement which can be precision indexed or programmed to produce rapid sweeping movements. Pre-programmed colour macros and pixel control makes this fixture quick and easy to programme. Tungsten lamp emulation and fade effects at 2700 K and 3200 K are included. Wireless technology CRMX is available as an option.

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