Sony F65

Key Features
  • 20M 8K Sensor records 4K RAW
  • 14 stops of dynamic range
  • Rotary (Mechanical) Shutter
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The Sony F65 CineAlta Digital Motion Picture Camera provides high resolution with excellent exposure latitude, 14 stops of dynamic range and a wide color gamut.  Its file-based SR Codec recording enables fast, efficient episodic TV production workflow, while 16-bit linear RAW supports the most demanding feature films.

The F65 uses a 20 million photosite Super 35 format sensor to capture high-resolution images with 14 stops of dynamic range. It records in 4K RAW from 1-60 fps and in 2K RAW up to 120 fps. The F65 can also output 1080p in Sony’s robust SR recording codec. A spinning mechanical shutter eliminates rolling shutter artifacts inherent with most CMOS sensors.

This package includes the F65 CineAlta Camera with Rotary Shutter and the Sony HDVF-C30W Color Viewfinder.

Additional Features:
  • 20M 8K Sensor
  • 14 stops of dynamic range with wide color gamut
  • Rotary mechanical shutter eliminates motion artifacts (4 x ND filters integrated with rotary shutter)
  • WiFi operation for remote control from tablet devices (including the Android-based Sony Tablet S and Apple iPad)
  • HD-SDI output with viewing LUT for on-set monitoring with focus assist zoom
  • 60 Minutes of 16-bit Linear RAW file recording on a 1TB SRMemory card at 24 fps
  • IIF ACES Workflow
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