Sony MVS-6530

Key Features
  • System configuration flexibility
  • Comprehensive video manipulation
  • Designed for use in a live broadcasting environment
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The black MVS-6530 MVS Series Mid-Range SD/HD Video Switcher from Sony is ideally suited for medium-size productions. The switcher comes with capabilities such as three mix effects (M/E), four keyers per M/E, each with MVS high-performance chromakey, eight keyers in P/P bank, two internal channels of DME, 2.5D resizers, color correction, and more. With the standard multi-viewer output, you save space on additional monitoring, enabling a reduction in your total system cost.

The control panel incorporates OLED mnemonic displays for optimal visibility, offering a user-friendly and intuitive operation. The self-contained 4RU processor employs a simple configuration for small production facilities that have limited installation space.

  • Features the ICP-6530 Control Panel designed for easy operation in a fixed configuration in the CCP style
  • OLED source name displays and RGB color source buttons included for optimal visibility and user-friendly operation.
  • Three mix effect (M/E) switchers with four keyers on each bus and eight keyers on the PP row
  • In multi-program mode, each M/E bus in the MVS system can be configured to operate in multi-program, providing four independent program outputs on each M/E
  • Each separate program O/P can be configured with any combination of M/E keyers
  • A powerful resizer function is provided that gives simple 2.5D DME effects for half the keyers in the switcher
  • With adjustable parameters such as size, position, and aspect, as well as mosaic and defocus effects, the resizers are very useful for optimizing the on-screen composition, as they can also be activated for clip transitions, and the parameters can be memorized as part of a switcher snapshot, keyframe, or macro effect
  • In order to correct for any color errors in the incoming signals, each input has a primary RGB color corrector, while each aux bus output has an identical color corrector circuit useful for correcting the color balance on in-vision monitors
  • Additionally, aux mix ability is included which provides a mix transition, rather than a hard cut, on aux bus outputs
  • Provides an internal high-capacity frame store with the ability to handle both individual images (stills) and animation sequences (clips) with embedded audio support
  • The frame memory system supports eight-channel playback from on-board RAM storage, and images can be imported via USB connection or a real time backup using an external video store. Individual frame memory images or animation sequences can be instantly viewed and recalled via the touchscreen menu operation
  • Two-channel multi-view system provides multi-viewer outputs directly from the main processor chassis, cutting down on the need for expensive external multi-viewers
  • Each multi-viewer output can be set in either 10 or 4-way split operation, and signals are delegated to each separate pane accordingly
  • Multi-viewer supports switcher name and border tally indicators
  • Features 48 BNC primary inputs and 32 BNC assignable outputs
  • Using the Flexi-Pad module, you can record operation sequences, then store and assign them to any desired button
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