Sony RM-IP10

Key Features
  • Comfortable PTZ operation with the optical 3-axis joystick
  • Versatile camera adjustment by simple panel operation
  • Use of IP technology allows flexible installation and easy operation
  • Preset feature saves camera settings (up to 16 positions)
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With the Sony RM-IP10 IP Remote Controller, the BRC-H900, BRC-Z700, and BRC-Z330 Remote Control Cameras can be controlled though an IP network. The use of the proper IP Control Interface Board, either BRBK-IP10 or BRBK-IP7Z (depending on camera model), is also required for compatibility. This functionality allows for flexible configurations, and enables the installation of up to 112 units of BRC cameras and up to 5 units of the RM-IP10 controller depending on customer requirements.

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