Sony XVS-7000

Key Features
  • Supports Networked Media Interface (NMI) and SMPTE ST 2110
  • 6 M/E for large HD production systems
  • Resource sharing for multiple productions
  • Up and down conversion between 4K, HD and SD
  • Variety of M/E mode selections
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Additional Features
  • Precise effects
  • Mix function on aux bus outputs
  • Simplified live operations with programmable macros
  • Intelligent multi-functional tally system
  • Single panel and multi-panel configurations increase your options
  • Data Manager for sharing switcher data
  • 12G-SDI interfaces
  • Upgradable to 4K operations
  • 112 inputs and 48 assignable outputs for HD
  • Variety video format support
  • Sophisticated layering on M/E cards
  • Adjustable resizer function for each keyer
  • Enhanced frame memory system with CG wipe
  • Colour correction function
  • Optional integrated DME processor
  • External device control
  • Flexible X-Panel assignable modular design
  • More Freedom of control with the Virtual Shot Box and Virtual Menu
Flexible switcher for HD live production operations upgradable for 4K and IP at any time

The XVS-7000 multi-format video switcher delivers massive benefits in terms of flexibility and operability for mid-range productions, giving you the ability to realise a powerful mixed environment with SDI and IP. Utilising the flexible ICP-X7000 X-Panel assignable modular design, you can configure the control panel to suit your specific operations.

The XVS-7000 features 6 M/E, 112 inputs, 48 assignable outputs and format convertor outputs, plus up to 24 keyers in HD. According to your production environment and workflow requirements, the XVS-7000 is upgradable to 4K production switcher with powerful 4K features, as well as IP and SDI mixed production capabilities.

IP Live switcher

The core of the new generation IP Live production system supports not only Network Media Interface (NMI) but also the SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks suite of standards, enabling a mixed IP and SDI production environment.

12G-SDI based live switcher

The XVS-9000 supports 12G-SDI interfaces functioning on-board format conversion for every incoming and outgoing video signal to offer greater options for applications such as in-house studios, OB vehicles and flypacks.

Powerful 4K switcher

4K production capability with 3 M/E, 28 inputs, 12 assignable outputs for 4K and format converter outputs, plus up to 6 full keyers and 6 sub keyers

4K 3D Digital Multi Effects (DME)

The newly developed 4K DME board offers up to 2 channels of floating 4K 3D DME capability for the XVS-8000. This 4K DME board can also be configured with the XVS-9000 switcher (up to 4 Ch), XVS-8000 switcher (up to 2 Ch), and the XVS-6000 switcher (1 Ch).

Evolutionary switcher controller

The XVS-7000 utilises the ICP-X7000 X-Panel for very flexible panel configuration with a modular style design, OLED display, RGB XPT buttons and LCD button pad. The button layout is also re-designed. The X-Panel has a flexible mounting style for flat or curved mounting, or even for splitting into two positions.

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