RTS BP-6000

Key Features
  • Voice Prompts for Simplified Setup
  • Mode-Sensing System Configuration
  • Remote Mic Kill Reduces Background Noise
  • Auto-Sensing XLR 4-Pin Headset Input
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The RTS BP-6000 is a universal two-channel beltpack designed to deliver easy configuration and customizable functionality for producers, coordinators, and team members using Audiocom or Clear-Com party line systems in broadcast, house of worship, and live stage applications. Its low current draw enables one power supply to power more beltpacks, effectively making larger setups more cost-effective. It boasts automatic configuration based upon the detected system connected to it, and auto-senses dynamic and electret headsets via the XLR 4-pin male jack. Configuration is further simplified through voice prompts, which guide you through the menus.

Easy-to-use controls include level, channel select, call, and a programmable talk button. The remote mic kill disables all active mics to reduce distracting background noise. LEDs indicate the selected channel as well as call and talk status. Switchcraft 6-pin jacks are utilized for the line and loop connections on the bottom panel. An integrated belt clip allows the BP-6000 to be securely affixed to the wearer without tape or touch-fastener.

  • Compatible with Audiocom and Clear-Com party line systems
  • Mode-sensing configuration allows the headset to detect the type of system connected and configure itself accordingly
  • Switchcraft 6-pin line and loop connectors
  • XLR 4-pin male headset connector automatically senses dynamic and electret headset microphones
  • Dedicated button and LED indicators for selection of channel one or two
  • Dedicated button and LED indicator for call function
  • Programmable talk button supports always on, always off, switched, or momentary functionality
  • Voice prompts simply configuration by guiding you through menus
  • Remote mic kill turns off all active microphones to reduce background noise
  • Reduced current draw allows more beltpacks to be powered from the same power supply
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