Sennheiser EM 9046

Key Features
  • For Digital 9000 Series Systems
  • 328 MHz Tuning Range
  • True-Bit Diversity Reception
  • Secure Encrypted Signal
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The Sennheiser EM 9046 DRX is a receiver module for the EM 9046 SU Digital 9000 wireless receiver mainframe. The EM 9046 US receiver can be equipped with up to eight EM 9046 DRX digital receiver modules for eight individually adjustable channels.

Sennheiser Uncompressed Digital Sound
  • In HD (High Definition) mode the receiver module delivers entirely uncompressed, artifact-free digital audio.
  • The LR (Long Range) mode is designed for difficult transmission environments with many sources of interference, ensuring maximum range with a proprietary Sennheiser SeDAC audio codec.
  • 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio with a flat 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response provides a clear and present sound.
  • A dynamic range of 112 dB in HD mode yields impressive signal-to-noise performance and accurate transient response.
  • An exceptionally low 3ms latency (AES3/EBU) delivers a seamless, cohesive sound.
No-Compromise Reliability with More Compatible Channels
  • The ultrawide 328 MHz switching bandwidth provides extreme flexibility to find more available channels in challenging RF environments.
  • Digital 9000 technology is intermodulation-free with an equidistant frequency grid that prevents disruptive intermodulation, even with multiple transmitters in confined spaces—run up to 20 active transmitters per 6-MHz TV channel.
  • True-bit diversity reception evaluates the quality of each individual bit and combines the bits from two parallel reception streams for maximum protection against dropouts.
  • Secure transmission with proprietary encryption technology for data security—ideal for corporate facilities and other sensitive installations.
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