Key Features
  • Video Shoots with Smartphone or Camera
  • 2 x Clip-On Lavalier Microphones
  • 2 x Bodypack Transmitters
  • 2-Channel Camera-/Tripod-Mount Receiver
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Additional Features
  • Simple menu-free operation via switches, buttons, and dials
  • Maximum operating range of approximately 196′ line-of-sight or 98′ with obstruction
  • Utilizes the UHF FM band in two groups—Group A for 568.125 to 579.875 MHz and Group B for 580.125 to 591.875 MHz
  • 12 channels per group for interference-free operation
  • Dedicated controls for easy group and channel selection
  • 10-level volume adjustment dials on receiver for Group A and Group B
  • Switchable stereo/mono audio output on receiver
  • Transmitters automatically recognize mic- or line-level input signal
  • Transmitter low-cut filter slide switch to reduce rumble and low-frequency buildup
  • Transmitter power buttons double as mute switches (long press for power, short press for mute)
  • Durable smartphone clamp adjusts to accommodate smartphones of varying widths

Designed for mobile journalists, videographers, and vloggers in need of operational simplicity, the Comica Audio CVM-WS60 COMBO two-person wireless lavalier microphone system is a complete solution for recording dialogue, interviews, and speech to your smartphone, camera, or DSLR. Record mic- or line-level sources from up to 196′ away, and run audio to your shooting device while monitoring through headphones in real time. Thanks to its dedicated tactile controls, the CVM-WS60 COMBO can be set up quickly without the daunting task of diving into menus.

With two clip-on lavalier microphones, two bodypack transmitters, a two-channel receiver with an integrated adjustable smartphone clamp, and a host of accessories, the CVM-WS60 COMBO has everything you need for seamless audio integration into your video production setup; just add a camera or smartphone, and you’re ready to roll. The CVM-WS60 COMBO’s two 12-channel groups allow interference-free signal quality and easy expansion into multisystem configurations. Whether you power the CVM-WS60 COMBO with AAA batteries or USB battery packs, you’re assured plenty of operating time for shoots that span across the day.

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