Key Features
  • UHF Wireless Communication
  • ClearScan Channel Search
  • Talk/Listen Station
  • Backlit Display
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The RTS BTR-800 is a 2-channel, frequency-agile UHF wireless intercom Base Station, with channel access from each of four full-duplex beltpacks, stage announce output with relay closure, wireless talk around (ISO), the patented Enhanced ClearScan channel search feature, and a talk/listen headset station at the base.

The BTR-800 features a transparent graphical user interface and a backlit display, with advanced technology functions such as combination tone code/RF noise squelch and DSP digital audio processing.

This unit has an A5F RTS headset jack and works on E88: 590-608MHz Transmit/470-488MHz Receive frequencies.

  • Wireless UHF intercom Base Station with frequency agility, full-duplexing, and huge selection of available frequencies organized in independent 18MHz bands
  • Factory selected preset frequency groups, 1000′ operating range, Transmit power level switch
  • Independent front Portable Station enable/disable buttons with LED status indicators, Telex or RTS front panel 4-pin headset connector reads dynamic or electret headset boom mic type automatically
  • Enhanced ClearScan two-button frequency selection for optimal, interference- and intermodulation-free location use, ranks available frequencies in order of reliability
  • Simultaneous support of up to 4 beltpacks, expandable
  • Large backlit LCD, transparent, menu-driven Graphic User Interface for simplified navigation and assignment
  • Full function Talk/Listen headset station with dedicated headset and boom mic volume and gain controls ,allows for fifth simultaneous user(director, producer, engineer) on intercom channel
  • Compatibility with Audiocom, Clear-Com, RTS/RTS matrix wired and wireless intercoms, dedicated 2-wire XLE and 4-wire RJ-11 connectors
  • Dual Voltage power supply for international use, XLR balanced Auxiliary audio input and output connectivity
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