RTS BP-4000

Key Features
  • Works with RTS, Audiocom, and Clear-Com
  • Auto System Detection and Configuration
  • Can Be Daisy-Chained with up to 40 Packs
  • Current Pump Circuit for Proper Power
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With the RTS BP4000 Single-Channel Portable Beltpack Headset Station, you can stay in communication on an RTS, Audiocom, or Clear-Com intercom system. This wired beltpack station features auto-wiring scheme detection, which automatically recognizes the system you plug it into, and configures itself to be used with it.

The beltpack also features intelligent power management, so you can daisy-chain up to 40 beltpacks by using a single (optional) PS-20 power supply. A current pump circuit constantly keeps tabs on overall cable length, versus the actual current consumption, so each beltpack receives the voltage it needs.

The BP-4000 has additional features to help make it easy to integrate it into an intercom system, including guided setup and various communication controls. Connections are made by means of a female, 4-pin XLR connection.

Enhanced Talk Button Control

You have the option to set your talk settings to either “always on”, “always off”, or “switching”. A built-in blinking lamp gives you a visual indicator to incoming calls.

Remote Microphone Kill Switch

Any user on the intercom can instantly mute the mics on all attached BP4000 beltpacks by sending an inaudible “kill signal”. This feature can be overridden if needed, but is useful to have in situations where an open mic somewhere in the partyline needs to be immediately silenced.

Voice Guided Setup

Rather than configure internal jumpers and switches, short voice prompts help you navigate the menu options to configure the BP4000. If needed, you also have the ability to reset the beltpack to factory default settings.

Headset Compatibility

The BP4000 has a 4-pin female XLR port that is compatible with a (separately available) 4-pin male XLR headset. Both dynamic and electret headset microphones are supported.

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